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yea today i totaly cleaned the shit out of my garage for a whoping $15 .... but w/e cuz i ddnt do much work ne way ... me and stu basicly fucked around doing stupid shit with the stuff in my garage.
we rode my mini bike and raced these back guys across the street from my house, my mini biki hauls ass compared to those little shity things other people have... so yea any way mike came over and we got some L's and smoked out mikes car all over g-block and im still comin down now so if none of makes sense.... theres your explanation.
spring breaks almost over it just started 2, i hate the rain
this is the kind of bullshit nonsense i miss writing about in here !
its so kool to just write random things on the internet ... kinda ?

oh yea i found a dead rat in my back yard today. isnt that sweet ?...

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