Ryan (morbid566) wrote,

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2 into you

well today i skipped school so i could chill w/ ash and it worked and we chilled for a while then she wanted to hang out with jess so we invited her over and then ash found ou that jess was goin to do sumthin fun and they left and did whats ever and now im jus sittin here ... theres nothing to do... i feel like im to possesive of her, i thought she felt the same way i feel about wanting to be with her and talk to her mybe i guess i do call her alot when shes out ... but i dont mean to bother her.. i jus miss her and i thought she would be happy 2 see me send her messages or jus call 2 see what shes doing ... im not trying to be nosy or anything i jus wanna say whatsup cuz i miss her when shes not around.... im 2 dependant i guess im sry ash for bein up ur ass i dont mean to be anoying.....<3u
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