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well well well i know we all remember this.. im sitting in shop, bored out of my mind but its ok because i think im swiching shops soon! yea but w/e i dont know what to write about, im sry im a loser with no life and nothing intresting happens to me thats why i suck... but on a lighter note, me and ash have been goin out for like 9 months *big acomplishment* so yea i got my godamn bass back from montee... its fucked up worse then i thought he can suck my cock cuz hes a fat loser that breaks shit and shit fuck off. i want ppl to post some comments on this one so i feel better about myself and i can think that i do have friends that care enough to leave comments.. one
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remember me?
omg im so happy u left a commment, i really really was thinkin about u alot today for some reason! talk to me online if u ever see me on i dont know if u got a new screen name or what i never see you on
xx shake down.

and thats odd you were thinking about me..
hey i left one. :) we still need to hang out
haaay i saw you sunday! lol
ryan i lubb chu b happy =)
hey homie..haha..jus a nother bcit fag here ^^ ya still kool
im no body sorry
locals looking to meet Go Here dld.bz/chwZH