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Holly Bowl

yea so tonight was the show at the holly bowl, the first show ive ever played... i got mixed feelings about it. i was all excited about it at first and i thought i was gona do pretty good but i kept screwin up and shit cuz i was nervous.... and then some ppl wer talkin shit about me while i was right there sayin a sucked, right after i was dissapointed w/ myself for screwin up... i dunno ppl jus like to make me feel like shit for no reason but w/e, im feelin better now cuz a bunch of ppl wer askin me for demos and britt made me feel alot better cuz she was tellin me not 2 be so hard on myself, it was my first show everyones always nervous and plus no ones perfect.. alota my friends wer there 2 that i havnt seen for a while so i was glad i got to chill w/ them. bleh im tired.. night
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